The Sherlolly Kiss

Hottest. Kiss. Ever.

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I want to cosplay as Janine at some point but I like the other bridesmaid dresses better so like I would totally just do an AU Janine  where she got to wear a dress with straps. 

If it helps, the dress she wears actually comes with spaghetti straps? Not really as nice as the bridesmaids but it something… Plus it’s surprisingly comfortable, like shockingly easy to move about in and stay in place :-S

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What’s the etiquette in approaching an RP and asking them I could edit the fic and perhaps publish it? Never done this before… Is it even possible?

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Anonymous asked: Mycroft and John go searching for Sherlock. When they look in the mourge, Mycroft opens the door only a litte and hears banging and skin slapping coupled with "Ah, AH! Hmmmnnnn... Ah! More! More! Give me more!" "Twist your fingers in my curls!" Then he closes the door and turns to John and says "We were never here" to which John replies " No we were not"


Mycroft’s exact reaction upon opening the door:

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Working Title: Mind over Matter


A/N: I’ve been contemplating this for a great while, though I was like ‘where would that work?’ ‘how?’ ‘what?’ So here is a omega-verse, though it’s not your typical omega-verse. Strictly using the verse because it fits with the mental idea. 

You can be the judge if this is worth pursuing. 


She smacked the door shut, soon leaning her forehead against it, as her mobile phone was pressed in her ear. The room was dark, an empty examination room, which gave her leave to stay a couple of minutes. Finally the dial tone ended and she heard the reassuring voice of Meena – “Hello?”

“Oh thank God!” she whispered, the tenseness in her shoulders diminishing ever so slightly.

“Where is she?”

“What’s wrong?” said Meena on the other end, while Molly popped a finger in her other ear, her shoulders back to their previous rigid state. Besides that there was the undeniable redness in her cheeks. Oh she should never have agreed to be a test subject. 

“Whatever you gave me – I don’t think it’s working like it’s supposed to!” Molly hissed into the phone.

“What? What do you mean – have you been throwing up? Oh God. We’ve got to start from scratch again. Jesus. Mark is going to be so disappointed…”

“No! It’s not that – it’s-,” snapped Molly, but before she’d even gotten to finish the sentence the door to the room snapped open and Sherlock looked at her with an expression of mild bafflement. It was just like him to smell her out.

“Is she hiding from me?”

“Molly,” he said with a carefully raised brow, his expression calm, but she knew all-too well what was going on in that head of his.

After all, she could hear his every thought.

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